A marriage proposal Q&A

B.1.1 Read the following sentences. And write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:

  1. Lomov is a neighbor of the Stepanovnas. ‘T’
  2. He wrote the morning coat to attend a party. ‘F’
  3. Mr Choobookov becomes angry to know Lomow’s desire. ‘F’
  4. Lomow is a man of nervous temperament. ‘T’
  5. Natalia is a quiet and pace loving lady. ‘F
  6. The ownership of Ox-meadows is disputed. ‘F’

B.1.2. Answer the following questions briefly. (A marriage proposal Q&A)

  1. 1) How is Lomov greeted by Choobookov?
  2. Answer- Choobookov greeted Lomov very warmly.
  3. 2) How does Choobookov react when he comes to know that Lomov wants to marry Natalia?
  4. Answer- He becomes very happy. He hugs and kisses him. When he comes to know it.
  5. 3) Why does Lomov think that he is a critical age?
  6. Answer- Because he thirty-five years old. It is called a critical age.
  7. 4) Why does Lomov feel nervous before proposing to Natalia?
  8. Answer- He feels nervous because he had got a heart condition, an awful temper, and always terribly aroused.
  9. 5) Why is Natalia afraid that all her hay may rot?
  10. Answer- A day before it rained so hard that she could not do anything to save the hay.
  11. 6) What, according to her, is the real worth of Ox-meadows?
  12. Answer- According to her the real worth of Ox-meadow is about three hundred rubles.
  13. 7) Who, according to Lomov, had let the meadows and to whom?
  14. Answer- According to Lomov, his aunt’s grandmother lent the meadows to Natalia’s paternal great-grandfather’s peasants.

B.2.1 Read the following sentences. And write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:

  1. Choobookov supports Lomov’s claim over Ox-meadows. ‘F’
  2. His peasants used the land for forty years. ‘T’
  3. It is Natalia who threatens to take the matter to court. ‘F’
  4. She does not use abusive language for Lomov. ‘F’
  5. She feels delighted to have behaved decently with Lomov. ‘T’ (A marriage proposal Q&A)