Common Errors

In day to day usage we are used to make some common mistakes that is remarkable to the known person but we do not figure it out. Today I am going to reveal such common errors with it’s correct usage.

He gave me good advicesHe gave me good advice
He gave me many advices.He gave me lots of advice / He gave me many pieces of advice.
I sold my furnitures.I sold my furniture
He bought some furnitures.He bout some furniture / He bought some pieces of furniture.
Note:- Advice, Furniture, and information are uncountable nouns. These all can not be made plural and we can not use a/an article before it.
Our children need some educations.Our children need some education.
I need some new equipments.I need some new equipment.
I took some foods to eat.I took some food to eat.
I need some cardboards.I need some cardboard.
Note:- Education, equipment, foods and cardboard are uncountable nouns. For food we can use a lot of food.
Did you buy fruits today?Did you buy fruit today?
Th news are bad todayThe new is bad today/ I heard some bad pieces of news today
Two peoples were in the garden.Two people were in the garden.
Note:- Fruit (meaning banana, apples, etc) is often uncountable. Fruits mean reward (Enjoy the fruits of your hard work). News is a singular and uncountable noun.
People are already plural we should not add -s. But when it implies for “nation”. it is considered as a singular and then we can make it plural by adding -s. Like the peoples (=nations) of India.

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