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Gerund-verb appears as a verb form-4 (ing)

When a new learner hear the sound gerund-verb. It creates a reason to be confuse. Before going further, it is important to now. What all we have learned in the series of verb.

We have learned

Gerund is the part of non-finite verb.

What is gerund?

A gerund is a form of a verb that appears as a verb form-4 (ing). But it doesn’t act as a verb. Gerund takes the place of a subject or an object in a sentence. So it is called that if a verb form-4 (ing) plays a role as a subject or an object is called a gerund.

It can be understand by some examples:

  • Walking is good exercise.
  • Writing is my passion.
  • Sleeping is his habit.
  • I must practice reading.
  • You should get rid of smoking.
  • He likes running.

In the above sentence verb form-4 (ing) (walking, writing, and sleeping) has taken position as a subject. And reading, smoking, and running as an object.

Those all world looks like as a verb, but they are acting as a subject and an object. Hence it is called a gerund.

Notice that one can only identify the parts of speech by their position and behavior. Verb form-ing comes in different parts of speech. In detail, I have composed the role of the -ing form. Since it comes in three forms (Gerund, main verb, and present participle). Follow this link to understand the all structural form of -ing

I have tried to explain in detail but in a simple way. I appreciate your feedback.

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