Kids grammar episode-01

What is word, sentence and kinds of sentences?

Nikki : Good morning sir!

Tomm : Good morning sir!

Teacher : Good morning! Nikki what is the word?

Nikki :A word is a group for letters.

Teacher : Tomm, what is the sentence?

Tomm : A Sentence is a group of words, which makes complete sense.

Teacher :Good Tomm, thank you!

Teacher :Nikki can you tell me the kinds of sentences?

Nikki :There are four kinds of sentences.

Teacher :Teacher name the four kinds of sentences?

Tomm :1-Simple. 2-Question. 3-Imperative. 4-Exclamatory.

Teacher :Nikki, give the example of simple sentence?

Nikki :I am going. I am not going.

Teacher :Tomm, tell me the example of question sentence?

Tomm :Are you sleeping?

Teacher :Tomm, how dare are you to telling it to me?

Tomm : Sir, it is the the example of the question sentence.

Teacher :Give the example of the imperative sentece?

Tomm :Give me a pen.

Teacher :Nikki Exclamatory sentence example please!

Nikki :It is so sad!

Teacher : Okay students thank you for the great response. See you in the next class tomorrow.

Tomm :Thank you sir!