Kids grammar episode-03

Kinds of noun

Good morning sir,

Teacher :Good morning students .Today we will learn noun.

A noun is a name of person, place, animal and things. There are five kinds of noun. Bella, how many kinds of noun?

Bella : Sir, four!

Teacher : Four?

Pinki : No sir, There are five kinds of noun.

Teacher : Very good!

1)Proper noun. 2)Common noun. 3)Collective noun and 5)Abstract noun.

Bella close you eyes and learn it. Bella what did you see?

Bella : Sir so many tasty burgers!

Teacher : I told you to learn noun not burger! OK next day we will learn it’s difination.

Pinki : Thank you sir,

Bella : Thank you Pinki! Answering to the sir questions!

Pinki : It’s alright Bella, if you don’t sleep in the class. You will learn it easily.

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