Kids grammar episode-04

Noun practice

Bella :Hi Pinki, Thanks for coming here.

Pinki :It’s alright Bella thank you.

Bella :Today I want to understand noun.

Pinki :Yes it is very easy. See those all things that has some name. Like tree, sand, sky, water, rock etc..

Bella :Wow! It means all things that has name is noun. See who is coming!

Other boy : Hello, what you all are doing here?

Bella : You know, we learnt noun and are practicing. It is very easy.

Other boy : O really, can you teach me too?

Bella : The name of any place, person and things. Like your name, your T-shirt, pants. The name of this pond, these all trees. All are the nouns.

Pinki : What was that sound?

Other boy : Gas, yesterday I ate many burgers.

Bella : Wow! how many burgers?

Other boy : I ate three.

Pinki : Okay all now time to go.

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