Kids Speaking episode-01

Practice to narrate daily routine in English

Good morning sir, Good morning student.

Teacher :Priya today you will say daily routine.

Priya :Sure sir. I wake up six o’clock in the morning, then I drink a glass of water. I go to bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face and come back to the room.

Teacher :Sameer are you listening? Sameer!

Sameer :Yes sir,

Teacher :Very good.

Priya :I take towel and go to bathroom and take a bath. I wear school dress, I have my breakfast and go to school.

Teacher :Okay, good.

Teacher :Okay students, see you tomorrow thanks.

Sameer :Thank you sir, Bye bye..

Priya :Bye sir thanks..

Teacher :Thanks Priya, see you tomorrow.

Teacher :Ok bye Sameer thanks!