Revealing the secret of Pronunciation

In short, the more complex and less predictable your utterances become, the more important your pronunciation becomes. If the listener needs to guess what sound you’re trying to produce, it’s going to be harder to understand the ideas you’re trying to convey.

Today I am going to reveal the pronunciation of word start with certain letters . Many of speaker make mistake that is remarkable.

The word start with Inro has its decent pronunciation. The letter O in intro is pronounces like Schwa , in other way we should not pronounce or keep O silent when any word start with intro


WordPrefixPronunciation of prefixO=ə
introduce intro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
introducedintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introducerintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introducersintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introducesintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introducing intro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
introductionintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introductionsintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introductorilyintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introductoryintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introfiedintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introfiesintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introfyintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introfyingintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introgressantintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introgressantsintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introspectionintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introspectionalintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introspectionismintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introspectionismsintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introspectionistintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə
 introspectionisticintro ɪn.trəHere O = ə

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