Twenty advanced and effective English words

Learn the interesting adjectives that native speakers really use to sound more fluent and engaging.

Very happyThrilledI was so thrilled to get a good report from him.
Really exitedDelightedI know he will be delighted to see you.
very sadheartbrokenHe was heartbroken when she left him.
Very luckyfortunateShe is fortunate in having such a kind husband.
Very thankfulGratefulI’m so grateful for all that you’ve done.
Really goodExceptionalThis weather is exceptional for June.
Very goodphenomenalThe product has been a phenomenal success.
Very badawful/HorribleI feel awful/horrible about forgetting her birthday.
Very dirtyfilthyLook at this cloth – it’s filthy!
Very cleanspotlessHer home is spotless.
Very funnyHilariousThere were hilarious scenes when the pig ran into the shop.
Very prettyGorgeousWhat a gorgeous room/dress/color!
Very uglyHideousA hideous monster attacked the helpless villagers.
Very interestingIntriguing/compellingThis intriguing book is both thoughtful and informative.
Very bigMassive/tremendousThere is a tremendous difference between them.
Very smallTinyThe baby gripped my finger with her tiny hand.
Very coldFreezingIt is freezing outside, and put on your winter coat.
Very madfuriousYou should have seen her – she was furious!
Very tiredExhausted/worn outThe long journey exhausted the children.
Very importantcritical/crucialSalt is crucial in cooking.

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