Use of causative verbs

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Knowing the causative verb is significant.

Since an English learner is often starving to compose an intriguing pitch. To draft a persuasive point one needs to churn the significant English elements. The use of causative verbs is one of them.

causative verbs

What does it mean by causative verb?

If somebody causes something to happen, to constitute this sense in English, causative verbs (Let, make, have, get, and help) are used. In other words, somebody or something is indirectly responsible for a action.

For example,

Manager and an employee:

  • Manager: Go and prepare this report.
  • Employee: Yes sir.

Hence the report is ready, certainly, the employee prepared the report. But the action took place for the sake of the manager’s requirement. Thus the manager is responsible to cause this action to happen.

Use of the causative verb “let”.

We use “let” causative verb to allow and permit someone to do something.

Structure: Subject + let + object (person/thing) + verb base form.

  • I let the students speak in their mother tongue.
  • The manager let the employees join the meeting who came late.
  • I let my child go outside to play.
  • She is letting her child play while study time.
  • The English teacher letting the students make mistake while Speaking in English.
  • His manager didn’t let him go.

Use of the causative verb “make”.

We use make to force or require some one to do something.

Structure: Subject + make + object (person/thing) + verb base form.

  • The manager makes his employee prepare fifty reports daily.
  • The teacher made the students read a page of the poem.
  • Why don’t you make her cook breakfast?
  • I make my son exercise daily in the morning.
  • He makes his servant clean the whole house stuff.

Use of the causative verb “have”.

We use the causative verb “have”. If someone does something for you as you pay for it or you ask to do it.

  • Structure:Subject + have +object (person) + verb base form.
  • Subject + have +thing + past participle of verb.

For some examples,

  • I have my son complete a math exercise.
  • I’m going to have my hair cut tomorrow.
  • When did you have your hair cut?
  • He had his haircut yesterday.

Use of the causative verb “get”.

We use causative verb “get”. If we persuade someone to do something or you like someone to do something for you.

Structure:Subject + get +object (person) + infinitive.

  • The manager gets assistant to prepare the reports.
  • He got him to clean the room.
  • The teacher got student to write an one page essay.
  • I got a student to speak English an hour.
  • She gets him to write an intriguing article.

Use of the causative verb “help”.

We use the causative verb “help”. If we help someone doing something.

  • Structure:Subject + help +object (person) + verb base form.
  • He helped me receive my certificate.
  • I help him reach here.
  • I help the teacher speak English.
  • Teachers help students aggregate good marks.
  • She helps her child solve the math question.

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