Use of should

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Use of should gives variety to enhance one’s skills.

However, as we expect varieties at the dinner plate. Or, once we see the kinds of dishes on the plate. Our mouth starts watering to have a taste of each. Likewise, When we craft our pitch to interact with others. It needs varieties to make it engaging. Meanwhile, the use of should fulfill it.

Use of should illustration

Why should we use the word “should”?

As a result, most speakers or writers forget to align the use of should. But, the experience one, they always care about it. Hence somebody is able to craft an intriguing pitch, and others miss it.

Use of should.

It is a part of the model verb, hence it has the same attribute. Like to reveals one’s mood.

It is used for:
  • Duty.
  • Probability.
  • Opinion.
  • Possibility.

For example,

  • If you’re annoyed with him, you should tell him.
  • He should wake up early in the morning.
  • You should practice it daily.
  • Johan should talk to her.
  • If she loves him, she should expose it to him.
  • Ramesh should study daily for five hours.
  • Alex should take this medicine two times daily.
  • This medicine should mitigate the headache.
  • As he wants to be fluent in English, so he should speak daily.
  • We should wear a mask.
  • Lata should listen to her boss.
  • This computer isn’t working as it should.
  • There should be an investigation into the cause of the disaster.
  • He said that I should see a doctor.
  • Where should we meet this evening?
  • My dry cleaning should be ready this afternoon.
  • This should be good.

Should with lest.

In modern English, we barely see the uses of the conjunction ‘lest‘. But, the only auxiliary verb ‘should‘ makes a combination to form a conditional sentence.

For example,

  • Work hard lest you should fail. OR Work hard lest you fail. (Meaning if you don’t work hard you will fail).
  • Come fast lest we should miss the train.
  • Talk to him lest he should leave the office.

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