Demonstrative & Interrogative pronoun

Demonstrative pronoun

The demonstrative pronoun is used to demonstrate or point something out. It is significant to know that demonstrative pronouns and adjectives both are the same, but their position is different in sentence formation. (Demonstrative & Interrogative pronoun)


  1. This
  2. These
  3. That
  4. Those

1-This:- We use it to indicate one thing that is near.

2-These:- We use it to indicate more than one thing that is far.

3-That:- It is used to indicate one thing that is far.

4-Those:- We use it to indicate more than one thing that is far.

As I highlighted in the paragraph above, most of the time adjective and pronoun words match. While reading, we stumble upon these, like demonstrative pronouns. Demonstrative words imply demonstrating something. Hence, these words (this, that, these, and those) belong to both parts of speech. Like adjectives as well as pronouns.

Likewise, it is important to understand its uses. If these words appear before a helping verb, it implies that these are pronouns and if come before a noun. It means that is an adjective.

We can consider these (such and one) two as demonstrative pronouns either.

Some examples:

  1. These are my books.
  2. Those are your pens.
  3. These are the books I found in the cupboard.
  4. He is such a nice man.
  5. Such is my faith.
  6. This shirt is costly
  7. That keyboard looks nice
  8. This one.
  9. The yellow one.

Interrogative Pronoun

It is used for making queries or asking questions. Such situations lie in our day-to-day life. (Demonstrative & Interrogative pronoun)


3-Who (Sub)Why
4-Whom (obj)How
5-Whose (possessive)

Who and whom usually refer to people, and which too can refer to people occasionally.

Which and what usually refer to things and animals.


  1. Who called you?
  2. What did you say?
  3. Which is your mother?
  4. What do you want for dinner?
  5. Which is your brother?
  6. Whose is this pen?
  7. Whom did you speak to?
  8. Whom do you prefer to vote?

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