English phonetic sounds

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English phonetic sounds play a vital role to correct the pronunciation

As we have learned the English alphabet, where we only know about the 26 letters. But once we approach the advanced level of English. There are 44 sounds in English that we know with the name of International Phonetic Alphabet IPA.

Consonant sound IPA.

So, these 44 sounds further divide into two parts, the first voiced and the second is a non voiced sound.

S.noIPA SymbolGraphemes /ˈɡræf.iːm/ExamplesVoiced?
1bb, bb bug, bubbleYes
2dd, dd, ed dad, add, milledYes
3ff, ff, ph, gh, lf, ft fat, cliff, phone, enough, half, oftenNo
4gg, gg, gh,gu,gue gun, egg, ghost, guest, prologueYes
5hh, whfor example, hop, whoNo
6j, ge, g, dge, di, gg jam, wage, giraffe, edge, soldier, exaggerateYes
7kk, c, ch, cc, lk, qu ,q(u), ck, x kit, cat, chris, accent, folk, bouquet, queen, rack, boxNo
8ll, lllive, wellYes
9mm, mm, mb, mn, lmman, summer, comb, column, palmYes
10nn, nn,kn, gn, pn net, funny, know, gnat, pneumonicYes
11pp, ppfor example, pin, dippyNo
12rr, rr, wr, rh run, carrot, wrench, rhymeYes
13ss, ss, c, sc, ps, st, ce, se sit, less, circle, scene, psycho, listen, pace, courseNo
14tt, tt, th, ed tip, matter, thomas, rippedNo
15vv, f, ph, vevine, of, stephen, fiveYes
16ww, wh, u, owit, why, quick, choirYes
17zz, zz, s, ss, x, ze, se zed, buzz, his, scissors, xylophone, crazeYes
18ʒs, si, z treasure, division, azureYes
19ch, tch, tu, ti, te chip, watch, future, action, righteousNo
20ʃsh, ce, s, ci, si, ch, sci, tisham, ocean, sure, machine,No
21θth Think, third, and thankNo
22ðth the, those, that, this, than, and others.Yes
23ŋng, n, ngue ring, pink, tongueYes
24jy, i, jyou, onion, hallelujahYes

Vowel sound IPA

S. no.IPA SymbolGraphemes /ˈɡræf.iːm/Examples
25æa, ai, au cat, plaid, laugh
26a, ai, eigh, aigh, ay, er, et, ei, au, a_e, ea, eybay, maid, weigh, straight, pay, foyer, filet, eight, gauge, mate, break, they
27ee, ea, u, ie, ai, a, eo, ei, ae end, bread, bury, friend, said, many, leopard, heifer, aesthetic
28i:e, ee, ea, y, ey, oe, ie, i, ei, eo, ay be, bee, meat, lady, key, phoenix, grief, ski, deceive, people, quay
29ɪi, e, o, u, ui, y, ieit, England, women, busy, guild, gym, sieve
30i, y, igh, ie, uy, ye, ai, is, eigh, i_espider, sky, night, pie, guy, stye, aisle, island, height, kite
31ɒa, ho, au, aw, ough swan, honest, maul, slaw, fought
32o, oa, o_e, oe, ow, ough, eau, oo, ew open, moat, bone, toe, sow, dough, beau, brooch, sew
33ʊo, oo, u,ou wolf, look, bush, would
34ʌu, o, oo, ou lug, monkey, blood, double
35u:o, oo, ew, ue, u_e, oe, ough, ui, oew, ou who, loon, dew, blue, flute, shoe, through, fruit, maneuver, group
36ɔɪoi, oy, uoy join, boy, buoy
37ow, ou, oughfor example, now, shout, bough
38əa, er, i, ar, our, urabout, ladder, pencil, dollar, honour, augur
39eəʳair, are, ear, ere, eir, ayerchair, dare, pear, where, their, prayer
41ɜ:ʳir, er, ur, ear, or, our, yrbird, term, burn, pearl, word, journey, myrtle
42ɔ:aw, a, or, oor, ore, oar, our, augh, ar, ough,paw, ball, fork, poor, fore, board, four, taught, war, bought, sauce
43ɪəʳear, eer, ere, ierear, steer, here, tier
44ʊəʳure, ourcure, tourist

There are eight diphthongs  in English. They are: /eɪ/, /aɪ/,/əʊ/, /aʊ/, /ɔɪ/, /ɪə/, /eə/, and /ʊə/