Google Adsense PIN received.

Why do we need Google Adsense PIN?

It is a key to your treasure, hence it keeps YouTube channel creators and content writers mind itching to Google AdSense PIN receiving. When to receive google AdSense PIN? Since without having this PIN no one is eligible to withdraw money from Google AdSense.

How does it look like?

Thus, we are excited to know the status of our Google AdSense PIN receiving. As it is the key to your hard-earned rewards. Therefore, it’s a spontaneous feeling, how does it look like. We create such fantasy, once we are eligible for it. However, I was excited too. So, here is the picture that I received.

Front side

Back pitcture

Back side

back side adsense pin leter.

How long does it take to receive the Google AdSense PIN?

Certainly, I was so excited to receive it. It was the 20th of Dec 2020. I received an email from google as attached below. I started reading about other experiences of Google Adsense PIN receiving. Thus, I got through many blogs and comments.

I got to know that sometimes postman doesn’t deliver it. They think it’s not an important letter. I got shocked and after two weeks of the remain from Google, I started calling the postman.

To clarify, The main cause to lose it is. Google AdSense does not mention the phone number on this courier. And, they don’t share the tracking number with the receiver. The only information that we receive that, It will reach within 2-4 weeks. As is mentioned in the attachment.

Fortunately, I was in contact with the postman. On the 1st of January, the postman came and handed hand it to me. One of my experience worked that I follow. When the post man was giving it to me. He shown me some other persons letter too. As per him he was not going to deliver it as the address in not known.

What should I do to recieve it?

However, I shared my experience. I would like to request you to get in touch with the postman. They are not serious as the private courier services.