How did I learn English

Overview how did I learn English

It does not matter for those who had been in an environment surrounded by English-speaking people. Since there is a population that has such standards that their child is shaped with strong educational surroundings. From home to school to friend circles and so on. (How did I learn English)

But here I am going to render the story of a boy (me) who used to live far away from such an environment. An Indian typical village where people thought used to linger around farming, growing crops. No electricity, no road, in rainy weather one needed to walk on foot knee-deep muddy trail to reach a small market or school. There was no English book up to the 5th standard. Hence, it is a hard nut to crack to imagine about English. Of course, there did not use to have despaired for education.


When I was a teenager, I had an urge to speak English fluently. But dwelling in a typical Indian village and etching for something that is barely available is futile. But it was not a temporary aspiration, It was the sound of intuition. I never wanted to dissipate this hope, hence I kept reading the grammar books that I could have done. This state goes to the time when I was studying in 10th standard. Since, up to the 5th class, I was not aware of what is English?

To cut a long story short, I shifted from village to my district and joined several English spoken centers. I want to shed a light on such English spoken centers, where we sit along with many learners and expect to learn it. As per my point of view, there are a few percents of chances to be fluent in English. Since we are human and always obsess over the fear of failure.

After a few years, I moved to the capital of India in the quest for a job. But was carrying the passion to be fluent in English. I could not stop myself to join some popular English spoken centers. But the method was the same. To learn the grammar structures, make some translations, remember vocabulary, do group discussions, and so on.

I was very punctual and obedient toward the teaching, hence I used to be a receptive learner. Since I had joined, 3–4 English spoken centers, hence I had learned many structures to form sentences but still was stumbling while speaking and fumbling for the right words during speaking practice.

5–6 years passed by but still, my dream was not fulfilled.

Now the internet age was spread around the world, hence one day I stumbled on a suggestion, stating that there are many Facebook groups, crowded with global learners. I began to explore and found some.

As we all are in the inferiority complex feeling, hence it takes time to muster the courage to open the mouth and utter some word in English in front of others. But my aspiration had become hardwired in my mind, and I was left with no option. I started going to Facebook live and interacting with people. Gradually I started taking interest and getting confidence. Now I was speaking daily for 3–4 hours.

In the next steps, I stuck with the pronunciations. Every country has its local dialect and is influenced by the mother tongue. And so I was. This I realize when I started communicating with other country’s people.

I had to take a back step and began to work on phonetics and pronunciation. The journey was continued, I was going to Facebook live daily for about 3–4 hours.

How did I learn English

Now the story turned into a reality that I had been following for a long time. People started to remark me as a teacher and I got inspired by this comment and left my well-earning job and started teaching, how to speak English effectively.

I have students (all are working professionals and businessmen) around the globe, and I am pleased to make them effective English communicators. Since I know each step that makes us unable to speak.

But still, I work on my communication daily, learn many grammars pattern, and so on.

Why does someone want to be somebody else? One can develop one’s style and the explicit way to render the thought explicitly.