How to earn quickly from blog writing?

Blog witting is a boon for freelancers or to earn money.

Clearly, an ocean of questions showers, when one thinks to start blogging. It is not tough to start although it is super easy. I will share my real experience. How easy it was but this nags us somewhere in the back of our mind. How to earn quickly from blog writing?.

Blog writing is easy.

Now pay attention, because what I’m about to say is really important:

  • It doesn’t demand high skills.
  • No much cost is required.
  • You don’t need to attend any course for it.

Thus, it is clear here, many of us are deprived of earning money. Because we need to join some courses. We need a great expenses to a set up and so on.

How to start it?

I know that you are itching to hear the results. But, It would be better to go through the real practical steps.

When I was working in a multinational company. I used to listen to blog writing. But, I assumed that it needs an intelligent brain with advanced skills to follow how-to earn quickly from blog writing?. Because many of us freak out when we listen to the word English. Because we are not aware of our potential.

When I left the job and started teaching how to speak English fluently. I was working hard to earn to manage my survival. I teach online hence I created my site with the help of YouTube videos and blogs. See am sharing my experience but the steps here. Therefore, I shared the first step that is one needs a site.

Creating a site cost me INR 3500/-. You may see the site ( created. But, my purpose was to put my lessons on the net. Its been 6-7 months when I created my site.

Last month around mid-December 2020 I thought to write blogs. But, what is a blog? It is a message that we write in our day to day life. Generally, we write a small message. But that strength can be increased. Any information that we see on the net is a blog.

For instance, when we type in google, how to learn English, and we see a lot of list of suggested options. These all are the blogs.

How to earn the money from blog.

So, this is a question nagging us. Let say I teach English and I know how to learn to speak English quickly. I wrote all the steps with my many years of experience. If my post solves other problems. Others will read it and recommend others to read it. This way the public view will increase on my post.

I decided to monetize my site, but before that, I wrote a couple of blogs. So, the process of monetizing is simple.

What is monetizing?

To change something into money, or to express something in terms of money or a currency. In other words, if have some skills and that may solve other problems you may sell your skills.

Consequently, there is a small process. One needs to go to Google AdSense to request site approval. It takes a week, google team checks your site, and if it’s suitable they approve it.

Once the site is approved, now google puts some advertisements on your site. If visitors come to your site and they watch the advertisement, you receive the money for it.

Earning proof.

Thus, my site was approved on the 29th of December 2020. And some advertisement starts showing on my site. Thereafter a small chunk of the amount was reflecting in my AdSense account.

Certainly, it is a penny earning. But, at starting it is okay. Further as much as effort I will put, It will rewards accordingly.

You can not withdraw money without an AdSense PIN.

Once you earn $100, you may withdraw it. But, it needs further authentication address verification by the Google AdSense team. In detail, I have written about it. kindly read it.

How to received Google AdSense PIN.

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