How to learn to speak English quickly

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Here you will learn- how to learn to speak English quickly.

I have spent more than 10 years in the quest of learning English communication skills. How to learn to speak English quickly. When we desire to learn it, the first obstacle that strikes the mind is which grammar structure or component we need to learn.

Which grammar to learn?

Nowadays there is an abundance of suggestions and advice available on social media “How to learn to speak English quickly”. But to find the precise one makes us skeptical. So we are in dark in terms of what to follow and what not.

When I became an online English spoken teacher and started teaching globally. After teaching for more than 3 years and having 10 years of the learning experience. I came to know that, it was very transparent to understand the steps to learn.

It’s similar when we go to some destination first time and are completely unknown about its way. We are afraid of going astray, but once we reach. It becomes obvious and seems too easy.

Here I am sharing experience-based information that is very transparent.

We are in an attempt to learn a language “a system of communication consisting of sounds, words, and grammar“. It implies that a system that works as a medium to connect us while correlating our native language to an unknown language.

So, which system we are discussing about?

Thus, here is the answer: Many people suggest that Grammar is not important to speak English. But, here I am addressing the system, which means grammar. Grammar is the method that gives the sense to interpret from one language to another. It doesn’t imply to be grammar centric. But there are many significant grammar rules that we need to learn. Giving some lists.

Parts of speech is the main component to understand English language.

Parts of speech..

Verb:- It plays a vital role to switch the sentence among present, past, and future. It becomes sometimes noun some times adjectives and so on.

We don’t need to keep dwelling on these rules. The steps should be to learn and use. Not speaking is the only mistake, that we commit. Whatever structure we learn, use it, or speak it.

Follow the right direction.

Once you decided to stick with it. Make your priority, write small-small general sentences, and speak it. Learn to speak general daily usage or the situation that revolves around you. Never attempt to learn the things that we hardly use.

Have patience.

While practicing you may make mistakes or sentences will not come out of the mouth. Your work is to put in the effort, many learners start and surrender soon. It’s time taking process hence making haste is the incorrect option.

Don't give up...

Once you learn to frame the sentence, speak small-small topics. Start listening. Listening plays a vital role to learn a language. It should be at least 2-4 hours daily. Listening to a podcasts is one of the boons for the English language learner. Whenever you are idle, sitting, walking, or traveling keep on listening.

Listen to podcast.

Listening is the key to learn to speak.

After 3-4 weeks, you will be able to understand whatever you are listening to. There would be many unknown vocabularies while listening, learn it. By doing so you will be improving your vocabulary power.

Listening is key to all effective communication. Without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstood. As a result, communication breaks down and the sender of the message can easily become frustrated or irritated

Turn it into your habit

Since we all have the knack for doing something that we have been for long ago. Similarly, we need to turn it into a habit to grasp its aspects.

Generally, it takes more than 2 months to form a new behavior to become automatic — 66 days to be exact.

During these processes start talking with some other learner. There is plenty of Facebook group full of a learner. Interact with the learner. It will boost your confidence ability.

While these all steps you will come across many mistakes or embarrassment, but your work is to improve it, not to mute yourself. At this stage, many learners give up.

Break the range to speak effectively.

During the conversation with new learners. We confront the situation, where we remain under a fixed range of conversation. Like,

  • What’s your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do?
  • Where do you live?

Therefore, to break this zone, you need to start deep diving. Certainly, you need to navigate the conversation beyond these limits.

While conversation, use appreciation words or sentences, it will make your conversation intriguing. Such words like:

  • I want to thank you for taking the time to take with me.
  • Your willingness to help out to uplift my communication skills is greatly appreciated.
  • I appreciate the extra time you’ve been spending.

Similarly, start planting the seeds of these golden habits. Because your positive attitude will impart a terrific influence.

With the 4-5 months of continuous efforts, you will realize that flow is gradually increasing, at this stage you are able to reveal your thought in English, spontaneously. Reaping the same process start learning the correct pronunciation of each word. To make it happen follow the Cambridge dictionary that is available online for free.

Once you achieve this level, the next challenge is to maintain it. It’s a language hence it needs regular practice. Never leave the listening practice. It will keep you attached to it.

The bottom line to speak English quickly is to emerge yourselves completely. Certainly, never mistake it to learn in a month or two, otherwise you may come to across the frustration. It’s a natural time taking process, hence let it happen.

Learn these topic, these are important to achieve advance level.