Important idioms

Once we started learning English, these elements of this language become vital to learn. Like, Idioms, phrases, expressions,s, and so on.

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More or less

The meaning of this idiom is approximately or almost. This idiom falls under daily usage elements. Certainly, the situation that occurs in our day-to-day life needs to reveal it precisely.

  • The building was more or less complete.
  • He has more or less finished reading the book.
  • He managed to keep the party more or less secret from Johan.
  • It was more or less certain.
  • He could earn $100 a night, more or less.
  • Toilet cleaners are all more or less the same.
  • It’s more or less a square plot of land.
  • The meeting is more or less over.
  • Their age more or less would be the same.

As mentioned above the meaning of all the idioms “more and less” is almost or approximately. Accordingly one can use this idiom as per the requirement

Set sth/sb on fire

If you set fire to something or if you set it on fire, you start it burning in order to damage or destroy it.

  • A peace activist had set herself on fire
  • They set fire to vehicles outside that building
  • Lightning set several buildings on fire 

Set someone or something free (from something)

To liberate someone or something from imprisonment or confinement.

  • The birds were set free
  • After three years the prisoner was set free
  • I think all caged birds should be set free.
  • The convicts were pardoned and set free.
  • After three years the prisoner was set free.

Owing to (preposition)

We use it in place of because of or due to in a sentence.

  •  I didn’t attend the meeting owing to a headache.
  • Owing to the rain, the match was canceled.
  • Owing to a lack of funds, the project will not continue next year.
  • Due to/Owing to the heavy traffic, he was late.

Fall behind (something)

To fail to do something fast enough or on time:

  • He didn’t want to fall behind in his studies.
  • We can’t afford to fall behind our competitors.
  • If you fall behind with the rent, you will be asked to leave.

Sooner or later

At some time in the future; one day भविष्‍य में कभी, कभी-न-कभी, देर-सवेर; किसी दिन

  • Sooner or later, the truth comes to light.
  • It was bound to happen sooner or later.
  • She will have to face reality sooner or later.

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