The word Pronoun comes from pro(Latin pro=for) + noun. A pronoun is a word that is used instead of a noun that is already known.

After knowing the definition of it, we must understand that why this part of speech is meaningful in grammar. How does it sculpt the value to form a persuasive meaning?

John is a student. John goes to school daily. Hence, if we put his name repeatedly in the passage, it appears to be reluctant to read his name again and again. Therefore, pronoun steps in here to bridge this gap to make it intriguing. So the instead of repeating John’s name, it will be replaced with the pronoun “he”. Therefore, the sentence will proceed like: John is a student. He goes to school daily. In the second sentence, we replaced the repeated word John (noun) with “he” (pronoun).

Kinds of Pronoun

1-Personal2- Interrogative
3- Relative4- Demonstrative
5- Indefinite6- Distributive
7- Reciprocal8- Exclamatory
9- Reflexive10- Emphatic

1- Personal Pronoun

It refers to the person or things. The role of this category pronoun is to replace the person’s name to make it meaning full.

1st (speaker)IWe
2nd (speaking with)YouYou
3rd (speaking about)You, he, she, it, any namesThey

Note, 1st person singular number I is considered plural in the present tense.

SubjectiveObjectivePossessive (Pronoun)Possessive (adjective)

Sequence of pronouns

Rule-231:- It is used for positively, unity, and singular pronouns. Here, the term 231 refers to 2nd person –> 3rd person –> 1st person.

Rule-123:- It is used for negativity, division, and plural pronoun. Here, the term 123 refers to 1st person –> 2nd person –> 3rd person.


  • You, he, and I are partners. (this is positive sentence, hence using 231 rules)
  • He and I are good friends.
  • You and I want to help the poor.
  • I and you are responsible for the loss. (this is negative sentence, hence using 123 rules)
  • You and he spoiled the party.
  • I and he will beg sorry for the misconduct.
  • You and I have done our job.
  • I and you have committed the crime.
  • We, you and they are leaving for Mumbai.

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