Use of could

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Could plays different roles.

When we compose to reveal our thought, thereafter the first idea strikes in our minds. The message should be polite, lucid, and formal. Use of could becomes our first choice. So, these kinds of characters fuel us. Thus using polite and lucid you deliver a compelling statement. Since it is a series of the verb, hence to reap more value. You must see these fragments.

  1. What is a verb
  2. Non-finite verb
  3. Gerund verb
  4. Participle grammar
  5. Model auxiliary verb -can

Thereby moving further, I would like to put the demonstration of the series graph.

This graph shows the all model verbs. There are 13 modals. 3 are Semi and 10 are complete.

Use of could

Use of could :
For permission, Request, Possibility, Past simple of can, and suggestion.

Thereafter we may realize that the use of could has a wide range. If we are composing ourselves to a compelling conversation. Without it, we can miss the effective impression. It is armed with many purposes. Let us now understand with some examples.

One mistake and one can lose the great opportunity

Your identity is your communication skills. Sometimes you don’t know but do a blunder. A great example that demonstrates the use of could. For permission, one needs to use could. Because of simple mistakes, one can be rejected. This man only did a small mistake and lost the opportunity.

Only saying the word "can" in place of the word could, deprived him of a great opportunity.
Only saying the word “can” in place of the word could, deprived him of a great opportunity.

Let us have some more examples.

  • Could you come and see me tomorrow?
  • Who could forget his speech at last year’s party?
  • I could just eat a little something.
  • Could you serve this gentleman please, Miss Bath?
  • I was ill and therefore could not come.
  • I wish I could help you, but I can’t.
  • Could you wear a mask?
  • Could I have some more coffee?
  • Before I could protest, I was handcuffed and was on my way to prison.
  • Could you tell me the way to the port?
  • Could I please have some water?

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