Use of must model verb.

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We use it to sense necessary or very important.

Thus, if one needs to fuel one’s English communication skills. The use of the must model verb must learn. Each pitch and persuasive point includes significant elements. Therefore, crafting with these significant elements becomes vital.

Use of must- to signal something important.

‘Must’ shows necessity.

For instance, If you work in an office. If your manager gives some work, and he says:

1- You should do this work– It means it’s your obligation to do, and you may do that work as you wish. Like the next day or day after tomorrow.

2- You ought to do this work– It means it’s your responsibility. And it depends on your mood and time.

3- You must do this work– Certainly, here the word ‘must‘ senses the urgency or necessity of the work. You have to work it on the first priority.

Thus, we understood that the use of ‘must’ comes for necessity or importance.

On the flip side, if one doesn’t understand the use of must model verb. He or she will not consider the given work on priority, and it may take him or her in a trouble.

For some examples,

  • You must cook the meat thoroughly.
  • I must get some sleep.
  • You mustn’t show this letter to anyone else.
  • Johan must not leave the luggage unattended
  • I must phone my sister.
  • We must get someone to fix that wheel.
  • If you live in the country a car is a must.

We use of must model verb to show that something is very likely, probable, or certain to be true:

  • They must be going to celebrate the 1st of January.
  • There’s no food left – we must have eaten it all.
  • She must be waiting for us.
  • “You must know Frank.” “No, I don’t.”
  • He must be studying hard to score good marks.
  • You must be going to the gym.
  • He must be earning a lot of money by blogging.
  • She must be mad!
  • You must be joking!
  • There must be some mistake.
  • Mr. Robertson is here; it must be Tuesday.

Must learn these topics.