Use of used to.

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Use of ‘used to’ play a vital role in expressing habits.

While crafting or composing any persuasive points, one needs to arm with intriguing elements. In other words, to reveal a compelling thought, one must care about the vital components of the English words. Use of used to belongs to the same landscape.

Present and past habit, expressing using the used to grammar.

Use of used to.

As we can have a glimpse of the illustration as shown above. If something we did in the past but no longer now, and now to express that. We use used to grammar

In the same illustration (second seen) we experience that, If we have been doing something for a long ago and is continue. Meaning, something that we are doing and are in the habit of, to express it, we use the used to grammar.

Used to grammar to reveal the past habit.

Specifically, the past habit that we had. Now we are narrating that, we must use the used to grammar.

For example,

  • I used to eat meat, but now I’m a vegetarian
  • We don’t go to the movies now as often as we used to.
  • All-day long we used to play when I was a teenager.
  • I used to score good marks in math.
  • My boss used to behave awkwardly in the previous company.
  • I childhood I didn’t use to brush my teeth sometimes.
  • Earlier people used to show hospitality to the guest.
  • Earlier people used to be strong, but no longer now.
  • We used to bathe in the river.

Used to grammar to reveal the present habit.

As we reveal the past habit, similarly we express the present habit. To express the present habit, we use the used to grammar.

For example,

  • He is used to telling a lie.
  • He is used to smoking.
  • They are used to listening to their boss.
  • You are used to enduring the pain.

Structure differences.

To reveal the past habit:- Subject + model verb “used to” + verb base form + other words.

To reveal the present habit:- Subject + adjective “used to” + gerund “-ing” + other words.

Explanation in detail.

Explaining the present and past habit using the used to grammar.

Since two auxiliaries/ helping verb can not appear consecutively. Hence the use of “used to” appears as an adjective. When we are expressing the present habit.

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