Use these reduction words to speak fast

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Reduction words help to achieve an advanced level.

Reduction sound in English

Most of the time we don’t understand how native people speak fast. Knowing these all aspects we can learn to speak fast and understand the native speakers. But, this needs rigorous practice.

1going togonna
(do something)
goin-da (place)
I’m going to start eating right
I’m gonna start eating right.
He’s going to call tomorrow.
He’s gonna call tomorrow.
They’re going to be late.
They’re gonna be late.
I’m going to Florida for a
I’m goin-da Florida for vacation.
Are you going to the party?
Are you goin-da the party?
2want towannaI want to see that.
I wanna see that.
I don’t want to hear about it.
I don’t wanna hear about it.
Do you want to come with me?
Do you wanna come with me?
3got togoddaYou’ve got to try this.
You’ve godda try this.
I’ve got to finish this.
I’ve godda finish this.
4have tohaftaI have to go.
I hafta go.
You have to think of all the possibilities.
You hafta think of all the possibilities.
5has tohastaHe has to be somewhere at 9.
He hasta be somewhere at 9.
She has to get ready for the meeting.
She hasta get ready for the meeting.
6ought tooddaI think we ought to consider it.
I think we odda consider that.
He ought to do well.
He odda do well.
7kind ofkindaIt’s kind of messy.
It’s kinda messy.
She’s kind of shy.
She’s kinda shy.
8kinds ofkindsaThere’s three kinds of cheese.
There’s three kindsa cheese.
There’s all kinds of different things to do.
There’s all kindsa different things to do.
9sort ofsordaIt was sort of boring.
It was sorda boring.
I’m sort of over it.
I’m sorda over it.
10lot ofloddaIt takes a lot of time.
It takes a lodda time.
We don’t have a lot of money.
We don’t have a lodda money.
11lots oflotsaWe have lots of things to cover.
We have lotsa things to cover.
They have a lot of locations all over the country.
They have lotsa locations all over the country.
12out ofouddaI think it’s out of order.
I think it’s oudda order.
We’re completely out of time.
We’re completely oudda time.
13type oftypaWhat’s your favorite type of music?
What’s your favorite typa music?
This is my favorite type of day.
This is my favorite typa day.
14front offrunnaI’ll meet you in front of the theatre.
I’ll meet you in frunna the theatre.
He’s in the front of the line.
He’s in the frunna the line.
15could havecouldaWe could have made it.
We coulda made it.
They could have tried harder.
They coulda tried harder
16should haveshouldaI should have known better.
I shoulda known better.
They should have thought of that.
They shoulda thought of that.
17would havewouldaI wish I would have been there.
I wish I woulda been there.
It would have taken too long.
It woulda taken too long.
18might havemighdaI might have gone too far.
I mighda gone too far.
You might have made him mad.
You mighda made him mad.
19must havemustaIt must have rained last night.
It musta rained last night.
You must have had a hell of a night!
You musta had a hell of a night!

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