What is the verb?

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For advanced learners – what is a verb?

A verb, from the Latin “verbum” meaning word, is a word of (part of speech):

  • It shows state “he is sleeping”.
  • This shows an action ” he reads loudly”.
  • Shows possession “I have a pen”.
  • Shows happening “it is raining”.

So the “verbs” are only the word in a sentence that is changed, but any other parts of speech remain the same.

Kinds of verbs.

  • Non-finite (/ˌnɑːnˈfaɪ.naɪt/)
  • Finite (/ˈfaɪ.naɪt/)

Here are the chat of all verbs to understand easily.

What is a verb

A structural survey of form – ing (v4).

While writing or reading the verbs form 4 (ing) comes in different roles, so it is significant to understand. We will understand all v4 different roles today.

Role-1: As a finite, if verbs form-4 is followed by helping verbs “be” (if helping verbs “be” comes before verbs form-4). The role of the -ing form is as a main verb. Like:

  • I am going.
  • John is playing cricket.
  • They were watching TV
  • We were sleeping.
  • I was waiting for you.

So in the above sentences, going, playing, watching, sleeping, and waiting are verbs.

Role-2: As a gerund (non-finite), when a verb form-4 is used as a subject or an object. It is called a gerund. Like:

  • Walking is good for your health.
  • She likes dancing.
  • Smoking is injurious to health
  • Writing is an exchange of ideas.
  • I love reading.

In the above sentences, walking, dancing, smoking, writing, and reading are gerund.

Role-3: As an adjective also called present participle (non-finite), when verb form-4 is used as an adjective in a sentence. It is called a present participle. Like:

  • I saw a playing boy.
  • I read a piece of interesting news.
  • The barking dog was calm today.
  • It was a very tiring day at the workplace.

In the above sentences, playing, interesting, barking, and tiring are adjectives. Since these verbs are saying something about the noun.

So, to understand it better see the chart:

-Ing form Chart

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