What should I do to speak English?

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What should I do to speak English- answer is here By Alok Pandey.

Certainly, this question lingers in mind “What should I do to speak English?”, when we see somebody speaking flawlessly. But we never perceive it with the angle of the successful speakers. Instead of digging out the cause to succeed, we are overwhelmed by fearful emotions.

Fear of English speaking

This statement was given by Jim Rohan all successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better“.

Since I have been teaching how to speak English effectively for three years. Hence the experience that I gained is, people are fluent, they understand the meaning, what they want to say. Moreover that they understand other speech.

But they don’t speak why?

In the quest of this term, I interacted with many learners around the globe. A few examples you may see on my podcast or you may find on google “Alok Pandey learn to speak English fluently podcast.

Now, continue to the topic “What should I do to speak English?”. The first element is grammar. As we listen to a lot of speakers and bombard our minds with many different questions as listed below.

  1. Should I learn grammar or the grammar that I know is sufficient to speak?
  2. How many vocabularies should I learn to speak English?
  3. How to practice it?

Kindly excuse me, since I am putting some real and personal content as I desire to have precise information. Let’s discuss all these three points.

1- Should I learn grammar or the grammar that I know is sufficient?

When I teach, I have around sixty lessons, that are password protected. The grammar part that I teach are:

  • Standard vocabulary, I have collected from the world’s top public speakers.
  • Phrases, idioms, and some combined and contracted vocabularies that make great sense.
  • Model grammars, not lessons, but I have covered the verb part. That is available on my site for everybody.
  • Use of “how long”, “get rid of”, “nothing but”, “for the shake of”, “about to”, used to”, and “had and would have the conditional sentence”,
  • Tense.
  • Voice.
  • Make grammar.
  • Get grammar.

Thus these are the main elements. All vocabularies that I have in the session are with its pronunciation. I can not mention all the lessons that I teach that produce great results. But some of the important grammar that one needs to learn. I mentioned here.

2- How many vocabularies should I learn to speak English?

This is a rational question that arises in the mind. Nobody can predict the actual figure, but in the general term, we need to learn vocabulary as shown in the graph.

Vocabulary graph.

Initially, one needs to learn the general vocabulary, that we may use in our daily routine. Never cram a lot of words, as it will not sit in the mind and gradually it will be vanished. Hence the daily usage vocabulary is important to learn.

3- How to practice it?

Journey does not fulfilled by these three points. But these play a vital role. In the quest of practice many elements come. But I will discuss the major useful aspects.

If you have some partners, it’s good for you, but if not, start speaking a small story. In this case, the daily routine is the correct choice. The all activity you do, speak it loudly. Get into the room, be alone, and now speak it. It seems weird, but it works.

Practice English at room.

Once you are capable to speak a few lines, join some Facebook groups. Go live and say something. Other learners will join you and gradually you may find some partner to practice. Remember, this process is really tedious, you need to maintain consistency. The main mistake English learners make is, they don’t speak.

When I teach I talk with students daily 30-40 minutes after teaching the lesson. It helps them to sink in the English rhythm that uplift the confidence level. Your patience and persistence finally paid off with the desired rewards.

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