Alok Pandey an English teacher.

Who is Alok Pandey an English teacher

Alok Pandey was Born in a small village called Biraj Bigha on 10-02-1986. This place lies at district Aurangabad state Bihar. Alok Pandey an English teacher grew up in that village.

Alok Pandey an English teacher

His parents’ mother Ramkumari Devi is a housewife and his father Sri Anirudh Pandey is a farmer. Alok Pandey has five siblings including him. Thus, he completed his schooling living in the village. Since he spent continuously 20 years in the village. Hence, he enjoyed the village life with his friends.

Such life, playing on the river sand, grazing cattle, bathing in the dam. Similarly, working in the field with parents. The village environment was full of enjoyment.

Alok Pandey English teacher life after class 10th.

After 10th he took admission to the college in his district Aurangabad. But, somehow he knows that higher education is not feasible, since he belongs to a farmer family. He was interested to earn money since he had seen the economic hardship of his family.

Alok Pandey an English teacher, once went to the metro city Delhi, Where he got to know that if he wants to succeed, he must learn English and computer.

His parents managed the tuition fee to complete the 12th, but he decided not to do tuition. But he joined to learn computer, he had realized the value of it. Furthermore, he knew that the fee to learn computer full course was not feasible. Hence, he made a plan, and establish intimacy with the computer center owner.

He started spending more time in the computer lab and got the opportunity to help the owner. Hence, he started teaching and learning. The further target was to learn how to speak English.

Alok Pandey grappled to learn English.

Since this city was a small city, and there was not such an advanced coaching center, where he could learn how to speak English fluently. But he was learning and teaching computer. Meanwhile, in the same computer center, somebody came to teach English.

Certainly, it can be lucky for him, but he couldn’t learn it. Since it was not being taught in a such manner, where he could learn it. But, he was learning grammar or whatever feasibility was there by himself.

He landed in the capital of India.

After completing 12th he landed in Gurgaon NCR–the national capital reason Delhi. And he started finding jobs, but there was a lack of education that was graduation. Since all companies need a graduate person.

However, he kept on joining in a small companies, and while working he completed graduation. But the curiosity to learning English was still dwelling in his mind. Hence, he joined many center to learn, but he didn’t learn it like others.

Alok Pandey’s curiosity about learning English.

Now he was frustrated of it, since learning English was his passion. One day an idea strikes in his mind and he did it. He joined in several Facebook groups and started speaking.

It was the time when many other listeners started criticizing him. But his craving to learn it used to make him stronger. He used to practice 6-7 hours after office hours.

Since grammar, he knows as he had joined in many centers and learned by himself too. But the challenge was to speak, and this method worked for him. He used to extreme practice of listening and speaking.

He practiced himself

Doing it for 5-6 months the rhythm of English boomed in his mind. But it was not the end of it. Once he started speaking, now the challenge was the pronunciation. That he commanded too after working hard on it.

Now with his spoken people started telling him like “are you a teacher”. These statements clicked in his mind, and he decided to teach English. Similarly, he became an online English spoken teacher. He knows each steps. How to learn to speak English. Hence, it is simple for him to make other speak English.